Overall Ratings

4.9 out of 5

Provide such beautiful tones to your environment.
Glorious tones, high quality and highly recommend. We listen nightly with pleasure and are comforted while on our deck or working in our garden. We received as a gift the Soprano Quartal and chose the Mezzo to harmonize and it works beautifully.
- Lanette

Beautiful Music
I have had these for years in numerous sizes. The only reason I bought a new one is the string broke on my one that was over 10 years old. I will probably fix that one but missed my music! Pricey, but very much worth it. I would never purchase another brand. I have the Alto Pentatonic hung with the Wesminster! Great combination!
- Linda

As you may have guessed, a tenor wind chime is big. It's also heavy. And it's also fairly loud, which I had not thought about before the purchase. If you're used to small, high-pitched chimes that you have to pay attention to hear, this is a very different experience. The sound from these chimes is so beautiful that the louder volume is not a problem, except occasionally on a windy night when it was so loud I had to remove the sail thinking it might wake the neighbors. That said, I wouldn't trade these for anything else, as the sound is amazing.
- Researcher

Wind Chimes
This is the most awesome wind chime. The tone is beautiful and so is the appearance of the chime. Music of the Spheres is known as the premier wind chime on the market and I couldn't agree more. The company is "top shelf"! My chimes had a blemish in the paint on two of the tubes. I contacted the company direct because they are close to where we live. They told me to ship them or bring them and they would replace them. We drove over to their plant and exchanged them on the spot.

Great company with great products. Beautiful sounds!!
- Mantracker

The Best
This is my second Music of the Spheres Pentatonic Soprano windchime. The first one was a gift I received nine years ago from a small musical group I directed. It has held up through North Carolina mountain winds without a hitch, and still looks almost brand new. I do take it down and store it throughout our severe winters, however. I have owned many windchimes, and this brand seems to be of the best quality materials. After such good service from the first one, I recently bought another one to hang on my new porch. I have owned several windchimes by another manufacturer, with a wooden top piece which the cords were strung through. The wood discolored and aged, and the cords eventually ALL fell apart. That company has outsourced it's manufacturing to a foreign company in recent years. Music of the Spheres windchimes are made in the USA. They ARE more expensive, but the Soprano Pentatonic is reasonablly priced, and the tones are beautiful. Our family is comprised of professional classical musicians, and we definitely value the true and lovely pitches. Highly recommended!
- Carolina

Beautiful tones!
Our whole family loves these chimes and we each have a set! My daughter just bought a home and I'm giving her a set for a housewarming gift!

The best wind chime.
These wind chimes are among the most expensive out there, but they sound more beautiful than anything else I have heard. The company has a great web site where you can listen to the different tones of each type of chime. This is the second set of chimes I have purchased. The other set is a higher tone, and together they sound absolutely amazing. Highly recommended!
- William

These chimes sound beautiful. They are very well made
These chimes sound beautiful. They are very well made, and of the best quality and workmanship, and IMHO the best chimes on the market. A bit pricey but in this case you definitely get what you pay for. Highly recommended. I also have the Tenor size in this same tuning and they harmonize beautifully.

Great product!
This is our second MOTS wind chime, adding a soprano set to the mezzo we'd purchased earlier this year. They really compliment each other in sound and looks, and they're a great pleasure to have. Given their sturdy construction, we're confident these American-made products will be with us for years to come.
- AZ123

Love that it is made in the USA/Texas
Quality made product. Love that it is made in the USA/Texas!! Would recommend to anyone!
-Abe Froman

these are the best ones made
If you are looking for wind chimes, these are the best ones made. They come in a variety of sound tones, and in a variety of sizes. I purchased my first set of these almost 15 years ago, and they still look and sound great. I now have four different sets (sounds and sizes) of these. I highly recommend "Music of the Spheres" wind chimes.

Best windchimes ever!
Such wonderful chimes! They sound lovely; we have them hanging from a tree branch in our yard, where they pick up the slightest breeze and sing to us all day (and night) long. I can hardly wait to buy more.
Laurie Brooks

Precision tuned, wonderful sound
I have loved Music of the Spheres products for several years now, but only now bought a chime for my wife for Mother's Day. They are precision tuned and produce a lovely, clear chime. They have no fancy frills, just high quality materials and a high performance design. I took my wife to the manufacturer's web site and had her listen to clips in order to choose the tuning and size. The joy that these provide, as spontaneous, well-tuned melodies enter our life, cannot be underrated.
- J. Van

Amazing sound from a expretly crafted INSTRUMENT!
All I can say is WOW. The construction is exquisite. The aesthetics are perfect, and the sound....well it is amazing. They are indeed perfectly tuned and the resonance is something you would expect from an orchestral instrument not a wind chime. The price of course will be a set back to many but let me assure you, if you are looking for a piece of outdoor decor that will bring soul to your environment, these charms are the answer. These will be my Christmas gift to everyone this year and I know that each one will be appreciated. I am also picking up a lower octave set in an alternate tuning to really get the most out of these AMAZING wind chimes. The individual chimes can be listened to at the manufacture's website. I would use head over to find the set that fits your ear the best.
- D'Kent

These are the best wind chimes you could ever own
These are the best wind chimes you could ever own..This is my second set that I have owned, The first one I have had for 13 years and they have been perfect. I love this song so I now have one on front porch and one on back..Love to listen to them..
Connie Schaffner

Five Stars
Sounds incredible. I’m devastated because i can’t deal with cheap wind chimes anymore! Heavenly.
- Katherine

Give Peace a Chance
"Making World Peace, One Backyard at a Time" says the sticker on the wind-catcher. Don't know about the world, but my backyard rings with beautiful, relaxing chimes. This product more than lives up to its description. Very much worth the price.
- EnglishProf

Excellent quality and joyful sounds
This was a gift for my dad. He loves the tones. After a year of use in a rather wet climate it still holds up great and looks like new.

Simply the best chimes
I bought these chimes as a present for my parents. They are beautifully made and sound amazing. You can select the scale of notes you want by visiting the Music of the Spheres website and listening to samples of the chimes playing. And if you know a little about music theory or have a favorite scale, you can custom order the notes you want in your chime.

The Balinese scale shown here has a very ethereal, meditative sound that is super relaxing. My wife and I both liked it best after listening to all the samples independently. We chose the Mezzo size because we didn't want a "tinkly" sounding chime and this one was low-pitched enough without breaking the bank. If you have a bit more money to spend, the Tenor and Baritone sizes are really otherworldly.

If you are unfamiliar with this type of chime, the hollow, tuned cylinders hold their tones a long time compared to other solid type chimes which simply clink together. Highly recommended.

The Beauty of the Sound
Dear Music of the Spheres, Just wanted y'all to know that other than snuggling my husband, listening to your wind chimes while sitting on my porch sipping my coffee watching the horses and the goats graze is by far the second best part of the day. Every visitor we have had at our house has commented on the beauty of the sound and I always refer them to your wind chimes.
Balanced and peacefully yours, Melanie and Chuck Miller

Real music from Nature
This was the perfect wedding gift for a couple of musicians. They ran outside and hung it up in the rain!!

Joy and Peace
I love my chimes. My husband gave them to me for 60th birthday. They 'sing' out joy and peace.

Beautiful sounds. Great craftsmanship.
Look good. Sound good. Easy to unpack - nothing to do but hang on a hook and listen. They cost a little more than some other manufactured chimes and that is likely because they are better.
- Ron Gray

The exquisite music they continually produce makes them an absolute bargain.
These are amazing. I now have the bass, tenor, soprano, and alto. They seem expensive when you are buying them but listening to the exquisite music they continually produce makes them an absolute bargain.
- G. T.

These are totally worth it
I love these, the quality and sound is amazing.

Beautiful sound
Wonderful sound, but a little smaller than expected.
-Brandy Camp

Sweet and Serene
Soothing, sweet and serene. Perfect chimes!

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